Squeezed by the rush for premium property

Marlborough Primary School is a community school on Draycott Avenue in Chelsea. Its Victorian building, erected in the 1870s, is to be demolished in 2015 and then replaced by a new one to accommodate a growing number of students.

The project is being carried out by a private company, which has received permission to build its own commercial site on what is now part of the school playground. The five-storey private building containing expensive offices and shops will squeeze the expanding school to the South. It will be built on public land owned by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

This website is created by parents whose children attend Marlborough School. Our purpose is to sound the alarm on the controversial features of the redevelopment project. We will try to provide as much information about it as we can and do our best to protect the interests of our children and the local community.

This is just the beginning so make sure you come back for more posts about the reconstruction plans and the history of our school. We would love to publish your views of Marlborough’s future or your memories from its past so please contact us to share them!


2 thoughts on “Squeezed by the rush for premium property

  1. What a horrible prospect ! I have very fond memories of that building and my time there in the late 40s and very early 1950s. Shouldn’t it be a listed building ? Raanan Gillon

    • Raanan Gillon, thanks for stopping by! The school was assessed for listing last year by the English Heritage Foundation but the decision was that it “did not merit national criteria”. More on this topic is coming soon too.

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